Managing all activities in the agricultural field



After 2013, on the background of expanding the business and developing complex production facilities, the Vitall requirements have increased substantially

The choosed solution

The company sought an integrated solution offering the best value for money and a team of consultants showing a good understanding of the specificity of Vitall activity


For Vitall, the main benefits of using SAP Business One are total traceability of information and rapid transformation into business decision support

About the project

To meet all the challenges raised by the intense international competition and business development, local feed manufacturers are looking for effective solutions for increasing their productivity. Vitall, the company that owns the brands “Natural Ferma” and “Avicola Crevedia” chosed SAP Business One, provided and implemented by System Innovation Romania, as an integrated management and optimization system.

Vitall produces over 100,000 tons of compound feed for poultry, sheep, and pig farms. There is a wide range of feed recipes, as well as packaging, and 99% of their composition is made up of organic ingredients, groats and cereals. Vitall’s customer base includes both farmers, of which 75% are poultry farms, and distributors. As of 2017, the Company has expanded into a new market, poultry slaughter, under the „Avicola Crevedia” brand.

The solution proposed by System Innovation Romania satisfied Vitall’s requirements for management of specific flows related to: transfer of stocks between business units, reading of data from production line applications, production runs, import of specific recipes, item and partner lists, compliance with the APIA reporting requirements. The SAP Business One standard solution was extended by other products developed by System Innovation Romania, bringing significant added value to the internal processes: BI QlikView analysis packages and Banking Integration AddOn.

The time saved and working together are the most relevant benefits. We used to work separately, with no integration and no exchange of information. SAP Business One solution that brings all departments together, eliminates redundant data entry, and makes information available to everyone”, Mihaela Iovan, Chief Financial Officer, Vitall, stated.

The local feed market exceeds 1 billion EUR and is still very fragmented. Companies are trying to control the entire production cycle and expanding to business lines: poultry and livestock farms as well as meat processing units. To be successful on this market, performance growth is critical. Thanks to a maximum stock visibility and the application notifying users when stocks reach the critical threshold, out-ofstock situations have been considerably reduced and, therefore, there has been an 80% reduction in the shutdowns of production processes after the implementation of SAP Business One.

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