Successful integration with eCommerce



Capturing and managing key areas such as logistics and accounting in a single system, integrating a growing volume of data

The choosed solution

SAP Business One, a trusted system already in use in the Israel branch, provides better control over transactions and activities, flexibility, customization


Immediate access to real-time data, use e-mail directly from application for quotes, invoices to customers, integration of monthly reports in system

About the project

Tech-ConGroup, an important supplier of industrial automation equipment, is present in Central and Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Serbia.

Through SAP Business One, Tech-con Industry Romania has been able to integrate a large volume of data (10,000 items, 4,000 customers and 1,000 bills per month) into a single system that allowed them to manage better of key areas such as logistics and accounting. A great benefit of implementation was the control they have gained on sales with a zero or negative profit margin (leading to their elimination), sales to customers with unpaid bills and other areas of interest.

Another improvement was due to the implementation of a mandatory flow in the sales process. It includes the documents: sales order,delivery and invoice. This flow allows management to quickly find out how many orders have materialized. This flow also led to a decreasethe number of undelivered orders.

Customers, orders and payments are automatically introduced into SAP Business One by Magento Webstore, an ecommerce open source application. Thus, integrating Magento with SAP Business One increases the speed of information exchange and eliminates the manual data entry process, providing customers with better services.

““The main reason for implementing SAP Business One was the system’s flexibility and the ability to get quick access to information, which we did not have on our previous system.”.” Bogdan Recacevschi, IT Manager , Tech-Con Group.

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