SAP Business One with powerful features for planning and production



In order to achieve Eurial’s business goals: increasing production and expanding on other markets, the company needed a complete solution that integrates all the functionalities of business processes and allows workflows personalization based on their specific activity.

The choosed solution

After several evaluations, Eurial chose SAP Business On ERP and System Innovation Romania as the implementation partner. The decision-making process considered aspects such as: negative experiences with small local suppliers; SAP Business One notoriety; powerful functionalities for planning and production.


Easy access to information and management reports for improving decision support; traceability over supply orders and stocks; 50% improvement in project completion deadlines by synchronizing supply and production orders.

About the project

Eurial is a company with headquarters in Cluj Napoca, a manufacturer of containers and stations for fuel distribution. Over the past three years, Eurial has developed in an accelerated pace, with a number of employees rising from 20 to more than 100 in 2018. Also, the turnover and the customer numbers have grown considerably.

Eurial’s business objectives: production growth, expanding to other markets have also generated a series of challenges quickly identified by the management team in: maintaining competitiveness on the domestic market and regional expansion, optimizing production planning processes and supply chain, financial-banking processes automation, project profitability tracking, accelerating commercial bidding processes.

After several evaluations and presentations, Eurial chose SAP Business One and System Innovation Romania as the implementation partner. Eurial has implemented the complete SAP Business One ERP system with the following modules: Administration, Finance, Banking, Fixed Assets, Sales, CRM, Purchases, Production, Stocks, Master Data, Reports, Cost Centers and Projects. For Analysis and Managerial Support, a set of relevant reports were defined: Cash Flow, Accounting Reports, Production Reports, Sales Reports, Procurement Reports, Consumer Reports, etc.

SAP Business One has added value in organizing and controlling Eurial’s business by aligning supply, production and sales processes. It is a mature solution that supports our long-term development ” stated Daniela Marin, Commercial Director, Eurial.

With SAP Business One ERP, Eurial has achieved complete traceability over production by connecting delivery orders with supply and available stocks. Now, the company can focus on expanding its partner channel and distribution market.

  • Project date2017
  • LocationCluj-Napoca
  • Users15
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