(Romanian) SAP Integrare cu banca

Speed up the process of electronic payments

The Banking Integration Add-on was developed with the purpose of helping our customers in their work-flow with their banks, facilitating generation of electronic payments, importing and processing bank statements into SAP Business One.


  • Cost savings resulting from reduction in time and effort, eliminating  double entry of data;
  • Speed up the process of electronic payments and reduce the possibility of mistakes;
  • More time for employees to focus on important decision making instead of routine work.

Key Features

Payment Proposal

  • The module is a plug-in that allows the creation of electronic bank statement files, such as bank transfer, which can be imported into the bank application (MultiCash or Internet Banking).
  • Generates the payment files according to the format and structure required by the bank (.txt, .roi, .int etc);

Bank Statements Upload

This functionality allows you to automatically import and process the bank statements from the bank application into SAP B1 and reconcile them against open transactions.

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  • Payment files (.txt, .csv, .roi, .int)
  • Importing account excerpts from MT940
I am convinced that SAP Business One and System Innovation Romania will support the long-term development of our company!
George Barbu

George Barbu

Executive Manager, ABN Systems International
The most important benefit for us is the control gained and Vitall’s development perspectives with the help of SAP Business One and the consultancy team of System Innovation Romania!
Natural Ferma

Mihaela Iovan

Financial Manager, Vitall
Thanks to the involvement of the System Innovation Romania consulting team, the implementation process went according to Hematrom's expectations and the benefits we anticipated when opting for SAP Business One were visible
(Romanian) Cristian Hotoboc

Cristian Hotoboc

General Manager, Hematrom
The main reason why we chose to implement SAP Business One was the flexibility, we knew it would give us and the quick access to information, which we did not have
(Romanian) Bogdan Recacevschi

Bogdan Recacevschi

IT Manager, Tech-Con Group