You can no longer sell in 2019, regardless of the vertical or niche, if you do not have online stocks and updated prices. Therefore, the synchronization of the eCommerce site with the ERP system is essential in order for the information to circulate bidirectionally and the data manipulation (stocks, prices, sales) to be made only once. This integration generates cost savings, operational simplification, execution speed, and a positive customer experience.

Why is it essential to have an efficient online store? As the eCommerce market grows steadily (3.5 billion euros spent in 2018, 30% more than last year, according to the GPeC 2018 eCommerce Market), the average number of weekly visits in an online store reached 4, and orders on mobile increased by 50%. If the leading online marketers are electronics and home appliances, children’s products and clothing, there are many uncovered niches, and business opportunities are huge.

What are the benefits of eCommerce integration – SAP Business One?
At product level, stocks and prices

The ERP contains “tons” of product information: from pictures, price, quantity and dimensions to shelf life, technical information, documents, ingredients, details about manufacturers, etc. ECommerce Integration – SAP Business One allows you to manage all of these aspects from a single console: adding new products, price updates, information updates (technical data, description, weight, dimensions, etc.), attaching documentation. Inventory will be permanently updated, customers will always know the available inventory. Moreover, price lists can be defined based on customer lists, marketing campaigns, or season, which can become a real competitive advantage. Information updates run in ERP, and synchronization is done automatically, in real time, without errors and without additional work. Several online stores can be integrated into SAP Business One, managing each source separately.

Order and customer level

SAP Business One-eCommerce Integration allows for complete order management and synchronization, regardless of the number of online stores. The system manages details of the product code (for traceability), type of customer (registered, visitor, natural or legal person), price structure (gross value, taxes, discount, transportation etc), order status, payment type, delivery etc . Thus, orders are processed automatically, without errors, confirmations and deliveries are much faster and customer satisfaction increases.

SAP Business One can automate the import of courier bills from couriers. This is important because in Romania only 20% of the orders are paid with the card, the remaining cash / reimbursement, and the volume of work generated by border border imports is huge. In this sense, we also offer our customers the possibility of implementing a software robot, created by us on UiPath technology, which will considerably increase the efficiency level.

For the B2B environment, the system also allows the synchronization of customer accounts, between the store or the online portal, with upgrading billing and delivery data, including self-service facilities. For B2B customers, it is also possible to correlate credit limits between ERP and the online store. We are currently working on such a portal, which will become operational soon.

At the level of managerial reports

Because all relevant financial data is found in ERP, this system is the core source of the managerial reports. Integration of eCommerce data will add value to these reports and provide a stronger basis for decisions. The databases used are highly performing, including SAP HANA, which allows real-time analysis of millions of records.

In 2019, you can no longer trade online unless you have online stocks and up-to-date prices. Many companies already have a site and operate an ERP system, but managers believe that integrating the two environments involves a cost that is not warranted. But when economic growth brings 1 billion euros in addition to market revenue, such an opportunity should not be missed.

For a unitary eCommerce-ERP approach, we are always at your disposal. SAP BusinessOne integrates with most eCommerce platforms, both proprietary and OpenSource: Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify, Bluegento etc. and delivers performance with any of these.

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