The main provider of SAP Business One on the local market, System Innovation Romania, achieved a a double increase in sales in 2017. The results are based on an increasing project complexity, both in terms of functionality and number of users. The company completed 25% more projects in 2017 and added another 350 users to the SAP Business One community. A relevant indicator is the 50% increase in the average number of users per project. Thus, in 2017, this value reached 18 users / project, compared with only 12 in 2016. The interest shown by the small and medium-sized companies in SAP Business One was high, especially in production, distribution of industrial components and real estate.

“2017 brought a change in the acquisition of ERP solutions. Romanian companies opted for a larger number of licenses or subscriptions. This shows that entrepreneurs are becoming more and more convinced of the utility of an ERP solutions and they understand that this is an advanced business tool rather than just a financial accounting management system. Practically, ERP enters and manages the most diverse departments: production, planning, procurement, controlling, service, project management, which will increase utilization rates and benefits. I expect the average number of users per project to grow significantly over the next few years, so that virtually any employee in a company can access the solution, regardless of whether he/she has managerial or operational responsabilities” declared Irina Oprea, Managing Partner, System Innovation Romania.

“Operational performance and innovation are critical in the success of any company in a globalized economy to which both large and small and medium-sized companies contribute. Customers’ exigencies are the same regardless of the size of the business. SAP Business One is the SAP solution dedicated to small and medium-sized companies, used by over 59,000 companies globally and provides real-time in addition to the management data, complete information for a better decision support. It is a scalable and flexible solution, is implemented quickly and brings fast benefits. We are very glad to help accelerate the success of small and medium-sized companies in Romania ” declared Cristian Popescu, Managing Director, SAP Romania.

For 2018, the company aims to maintain the same growth rate and exceed one million euro turnover. As strategic directions for 2018, System Innovation Romania will open a branch in the Transylvanian region, which will generate more and more projects and will sign a partnership with a Bulgarian company in order to increase its presence in the region. For System Innovation Romania, services export is an important source of revenue and counts for about 30% of the the turnover.