Our support team helps customers find reliable and efficient solutions to their questions and problems. Understanding that quality, good services and fair pricing are expectations and no longer a single way of satisfying customers we are continuously developing our services to provide a unique experience and to meet customers’ core requirements.

  • We’ve expanded our customer portfolio to include many different markets and industries to get more expertise;
  • Covering a wide geographical area we are committed to offer support worldwide, on all time zones;
  • We’ve adapted the product to fulfil legal requirements or other out of scope requirements;
  • We’re expanding SAP Business One functionality to match customers’ requirements.

The training our consultants offer makes SAP Business One a perfect match for end-users by showing an easy access to information and a customised product.

Every customer is different, with a unique business and therefore different needs. We can adapt our support services to match your business needs.

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We offer outsourced customization development services for SAP Business One, to SAP B1 customers as well as SAP B1 Channel partners globally.

Until today we have developed in-house products addons (like Localization Packages, Banking Integration, Intercompany Integration, Mass Mailing), but also addons and applications made specially for our customers & partners, like: stock reservation, item consolidation, advanced warehouse searching, readonly access on items & business partners, inventory transfer with landed costs etc.

We are commited to provide the following SAP Business One customization services globally:

  • SAP Business One SDK development addons
  • Addon Testing & Optimizations
  • Query Developments in SQL Server
  • Document printings both in Crystal Reports & PLD.
  • B1if
  • C# & ASP.Net applications


Outsource development for SAP Business One to us - 8 reasons to do that:

  1. We have highly skilled professionals in C# with SDK, B1if, SQL and others.
  2. We have been developing addons for more than 6 years.
  3. We have experience in international projects from US to APAC area, in all timezones.
  4. Since we have very good knowledge of SAP B1 flows, we are efficient in building functional and testing specifications for addons.
  5. We are proficent in English skills 
  6. It will mean lower costs instead of inhouse developers
  7. Freeing up internal resources that could be put in to effective use for other purpose
  8. You can focus on your core business while delegating development


Our team is working continously in order to improve SAP Business One users’ experience, by helping them overcome the missing functionalities (like statutory reporting) or to reduce redundant work.

The Intrastat add-on for Romania helps users to export and check the Intrastat statement, reducing the time needed each month for this operation.


  • Saving time by automatically export XML file for the Romanian Intrastat statement
  • Saving time by easy identifying master data errors
  • Reduce the update time for commodity codes

Key Features

  • Up-to-date catalog upload for commodity codes
  • Query for verification of master data errors
  • Export of XML file

Learn more about the Intrastat add-on

Keep your customers satisfied by offering them the possibility to interact directly with your sales processes in SAP. By using the Sales Management Web Portal for SAP Business One you are able to collect in real time in your ERP system the sales orders, to provide detailed information to customers regarding their marketing documents, your portfolio, your sales offers. Your services will be seriously improved by collecting in a easy and reliable way your sales orders from customers or dealers.


  • Saving time by automatically upload the sales orders from customers or dealers
  • Eliminate errors in operating sales orders sent by email, phone
  • High level of service to customers

Key features

  • View or alter Sales Quotations
  • View or alter Sales Orders
  • View Deliveries
  • View A/R Invoices
  • View Financial information
  • View Stock information


The Banking Integration Add-on was developed with the purpose of helping our customers in their work-flow with their banks, facilitating generation of electronic payments, importing and processing bank statements into SAP Business One.


  • Cost savings resulting from reduction in time and effort, eliminating  double entry of data;
  • Speed up the process of electronic payments and reduce the possibility of mistakes;
  • More time for employees to focus on important decision making instead of routine work.

Key Features

Payment Proposal

The module is a plug-in that allows the creation of electronic bank statement files, such as bank transfer, which can be imported into the bank application (MultiCash or Internet Banking).

  • Similar user interface and functionality as any other SAP B1 document (add, find, update, navigation);
  • Keeps history of all Payment Proposals generated from SAP B1;
  • Payments to multiple banks can be generated at once;
  • Generates the payment files according to the format and structure required by the bank (.txt, .roi, .int etc);
  • Easy navigation and drill down capabilities to open Purchase Invoice and Credit Notes by dates for a correct balance due;
  • Filter by certain suppliers or documents;
  • Can generate both Full and Partial Payments and support Multi Currency payments;
  • Supplier consolidation where payment is generated per supplier rather than one payment per invoice;
  • Define maximum payment amount (eg: payments smaller than equivalent of 25.000 EUR).

 Bank Statements Upload

This functionality allows you to automatically import and process the bank statements from the bank application into SAP B1 and reconcile them against open transactions.

  • Supports automated bank file import through standard SAP B1 Bank Statements Processing module;
  • Supports most standard bank file formats with preconfigured bank statement file mappings and can be developed in order to include other bank formats;
  • Statements from different banks can be uploaded;
  • Supports Multicurrency transactions;
  • Matches partners from file with BP Master Data in SAP B1;
  • Matches amounts against open transactions ;
  • Automatically creates/proposes reconciliation of incoming bank statements.

The add-on is already "live" at Owens Corning Building Materials Romania, integrated with BRD and is easily changeable for any bank format.

"Once a week, I make a Payment Proposal with all the open invoices up to date. Compared to the old way of working, I reduce half the time allocated to payments. There are two points I like: I can also see the credit notes and the document type, which helps when going back over the original invoices. Regarding the bank statement upload, I import it daily. I like that the system matches the customer/supplier names from the statements into the system, so I can easily connect the open documents and I can see all transactions for a day in one page."

Alina Gabudean, Owens Corning Building Materials Romania




Learn more about the Banking Integration Add-on.

In order to optimize your warehouse management we propose, on top of standard SAP Business One WMS features, a partner solution for mobile warehousing management. The solution is fully integrated in real time with SAP Business One. For more detailed information please follow the demo presentation below.


  • Optimize warehousing processes
  • Real time visibility of the stock level within bin locations
  • Decrease the delivery time to your customers

Key Features

  • Good Receipt PO
  • Good Issue
  • Picking process
  • Receipts from production
  • Inventory counting

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