With SAP Business One, users control the entire purchasing process, from negotiations with vendors to purchase orders to goods delivery and processing incoming invoices.

You don't have to waste time tracking purchase orders or reentering item data into multiple documents. You are able to see the last price received from a vendor for an item for better negotiations. Creating documents is easy as original purchase order can be copied to goods receipt or directly to a purchase invoice. SAP Business One automatically creates an entry in the general ledger and automatically updates the stock. No tedious manual entry for a return or credit: the system automatically updates stock quantities and corrects the values in accounting when creating a return or credit saving time and discrepancies.

With SAP Business One, the landed costs feature automates the process so the real cost of the item is reflected, and the gross profit will be correct. The reports give detailed information about vendors' products you purchase the most and employees who get the best deals. The Vendor Liabilities Aging Report allows you to see who you owe money to, the size of the liability, and the length of time the debt has remained unpaid. This report gives you the quick and accurate information you need to assess your debts and take necessary action.

Watch a demonstration of the purchasing processes in SAP Business One:

Read more about the SAP Business One Procurement Management solution to learn how you can automate your entire procurement process from purchase order to vendor invoice payment.

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