The need for a clear flow of information between documents is vital in Sales

In SAP Business One, information flows smoothly from the sales order, to delivery, to the A/R invoice and the linking between documents reduces duplication of efforts. By referencing existing documents, it's easy to create others. With SAP Business One, sales employees are automatically added to each document related to their customers. They can pull up complete and up-to-the-minute customer data. And they can meet customer demands quickly, leading to improved customer satisfaction and greater sales success. SAP Business One automatically creates general ledger entries and automatically decreases inventory.

The Pick and Pack manager in SAP Business One allows to track items at different stages of the picking process, allowing a partial of full pick of the items. The Document Generation Wizard automatically creates and consolidates documents. With SAP Business One, you can quickly identify strong and weak points in your sales and product portfolios and see which products bring in the most money. You can set up payments terms and specify exactly how due dates are calculated and run the Aging Reports to mointor the due dates for open customer receivables. SAP Business One Dunning Wizard automatically generates payment reminders for selected customers for up to 10 different levels and letters.

Watch a demonstration about Sales Functionality in SAP Business One:

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