warehouse1Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, the SAP Business One application provides a single, affordable solution for managing your entire business with greater clarity, from financials to sales to customer relationships to inventory. It helps you streamline end-to-end operations, gain instant access to complete information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Business Challenges

• Build and maintain closer customer relationships
• Adapt your sales policies to the market to beat the competition
• Optimize your inventory according customers needs
• Minimize duplicate data entries, errors, and delays
• Convert more opportunities to sales
• Access in real time the right information to make decisions

Key Features

Sales and customer relationship management – Manage the entire sales process from
first contact to closing the sale and from customer data management to after-sales
support; manage flexible sales policies using price lists, discounting policies, special prices, credit limits
Inventory and distribution – Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and
locations, and track and record stock movements; manage stock by serial numbers and batches
Purchasing and operations – Control the entire procurement process; optimize your inventory by using Material Requirement Planning
Mobile app – enables real-time access to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions of SAP Business One
Reporting and administration – Create, manage, and distribute reports that improve
transparency and decision making across the business

Business Benefits

• Improved decision making based on timely, accurate data on all aspects of the
sales process
• Strengthened bottom line with a single, integrated system that eliminates redundant data
entry and errors, improving process efficiency and reducing costs and delays
• Higher sales revenue by providing the right products and services, armed with a
360-degree view of your customers and their needs
• More time to focus on growing your business thanks to streamlined operations
• Closer customer relationships through centralized information that makes it easier to
manage customer communications, sales, and service contracts
• Faster, more profitable sales conversion with effective sales and opportunity

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