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Bucharest, October 2016
System Innovation Romania announces the availability on the local market of SAP Business One Cloud version, an ERP system available by monthly subscription, dedicated for SMEs. Companies that have grown their product basis and have an urgent need for control of inventories and balances of their partners, have access to a premium ERP solution at a lower budget.
According to our findings, choosing SAP Business One Cloud generates a cost saving of 50%, by eliminating ERP infrastructure expenses and by using a standard implementation package. SAP Business One Cloud has all the functionalities necessary for the growth of the company: financial and operational management, sales, marketing, warehouse, service, analysis and reporting. The solution is designed for companies with 3-7 users interested in increasing efficiency and productivity.
Available by subscription, the ERP system can be used without an initial investment in licenses or hardware equipment. The infrastructure is supported by a SAP Certified Partner, which provides system maintenance, 24/7 support, security and data backup. Currently, SAP Business One Cloud uses SQL Server, but in the future the solution will be available also in version HANA, a highly performant database. Implementation and training services are provided by the local team of System Innovation Romania.
"We’ve created a special package for customers in Romania, which provide access to the solution and consulting for customization and training. The Cloud version gives the customers a complete experience of a SAP Business One package, a complex solution and not a simple financial accounting application. Therefore, training is very important. The advantage of Cloud is the price that is significantly lower and the possibility to use premium SAP solutions without a big initial investment. The solution is scalable and can support the development of the company over a long period of time, from start-up with 3 users to maturity when they might have 20 or 50 users.", said Irina Oprea, Managing Partner System Innovation Romania.
SAP Business One Cloud is an ERP system accessible from browser, regardless of location and the device, including mobile. Payment is made monthly on a subscription basis, and recipients can add or remove users as needed. In Romania, the Cloud ERP market is in accelerated development and represents an opportunity for small businesses to have access to high performance solutions.

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