SAP Business One, the ERP system created especially for SMEs by SAP, is becoming one of the top choices for local subsidiaries of international companies and Romanian small and medium enterprises.

With a localization package for Romania, competitive prices compared to local ERP systems and over 500.000 users as reference, the team that implements SAP Business One in Romania plans to drive the solution to become the main option for SMEs in need of an ERP system, within the next three years.

"In current market condition, such a management tool can heavily differentiate a company from its competitors, generating a return on investment within the first 12 months of use. Romanian SMEs stand to gain more than an ERP system. They gain best practices and international expertise, through the SAP Business One system, giving them a huge boost in performance. Great price, the flexibility of the Business One platform, the prompt and competent implementation and support services make implementing this solution an investment with rapid returns for SMEs and start-ups.", Irina Oprea, Co-founder System Innovation Romania

Currently SAP Business One is used in a host of industries in Romania, in companies such as AFI Cotroceni, Fluorocarbon, Tech-Con Industry, Bauer, Baker Tilly Klitou, Faist Mekatronic etc.

"SAP Business One was the tool that managed to organize all our internal processes, at a point when all the software systems that we had could no longer keep you with our company's expansion. Real-time access to information, the optimization of our internal document flow and a natural unity between the accounting and the managerial and operational perspectives were benefits that we were searching for when we decided to implement the system. Now, two years after implementing SAP Business One, we also managed to consolidate data over multiple business units and gained a set of comprehensive management reports, that greatly aid our decision-making process." Bogdan IT Manager, Tech-Con Industry, one of the Romanian companies that implemented SAP Business One across the whole group.

SAP Business One includes management tools for all aspects of a company's activity: Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Financial, Operational, Analysis and Reporting. The system is designed to automate the internal flows of the company and covers a large range of industries such as: Distribution, Production and Services. L'Oreal, Phillips, Velux, Bauer and Siemens are just a few of the companies that chose to implement SAP Business One internationally.

System Innovation Romania (www.sysinconsult.ro), was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of System Innovation Consult A/S Denmark, with the purpose of offering implementation and support services for SAP Business One. Today, it supplies SMEs from Romania, the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific with SAP Business One based solution, for which it provides implementation, localization, development and support.


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