System Innovation Romania has localized SAP Business One for enterprises in Romania and Bulgaria. In this way, multinationals that use SAP systems in their headquarters and wish to implement SAP Business One in their subsidiaries in Romania have implementation, localization, training in Romanian language and local support.

System Innovation Romania provides comprehensive business management software through SAP Business One application and isthe only local company specialized in SAP Business One implementations in Romania and Bulgaria. The company is active since 2011 and already has 14 customers, multinational companies that use SAP Business One or mySAP in headquarters and which benefit from System Innovation expertise:

“There are over 31 000 companies worldwide that chose SAP Business One for driving growth and innovation and this number is increasing significantly. Some of these enterprises have subsidiaries or divisions in Romania and they chose the solution to achieve business and IT goals. This is where we get involved having significant knowledge and know-how to adapt the system to Romanian legislation and to generate all reports required by tax authorities. We offer training in Romanian and users get prompt local support. In this way, all users in the company regardless of their location use the same system leading to better integration of business processes and easier access to information for an immediate action. “

Irina Oprea, Manager of System Innovation Romania

Company representatives talk about facing a significant revenue growth by 50% in 2012: “We have already scheduled three other roll-outs for one of our customers in 2012: BAUER Spezialtiefbau in Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. We expect a significant growth in the number of enterprises choosing SAP Business One in Romania because SAP Business One is a key element of SAP’s portfolio and SAP is heavily investing in supporting the growing need of small and mid-size enterprises for an ERP solution. We will grow our experienced support and consultant teams to meet this demand.” added Irina Oprea.

System Innovation Romania is part of System Innovation Consult A/S Denmark, specialized in SAP Business One implementations and integration with other SAP systems and with successful implementations in 19 countries: “We were pleased to announce our expansion to Romania through System Innovation Romania. Opening our office came with the confidence that SAP Business One is an ERP that could help companies in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Lebanon where there is not a standard localized version. It was also the desire of a large and increasing number of enterprises to implement SAP Business One in subsidiaries and divisions in Romania and other East European countries.“, said Kurt Sorensen, CEO of System Innovation Group.


About System Innovation Romania
System Innovation Romania is committed in implementing SAP Business One, developing our own localization add-ons, integrating SAP Business One with banking services and bar coding and any other development add-ons request by our customers. Among our customers are FAIST Mekatronik, one of the biggest producers of high quality aluminium die casting, precision machining, surface plating components and assemblies for telecom, automotive, railway and general industrial applications, BAUER Spezialtiefbau, leader in special foundations, excavation pits, cut-off walls and ground improvement all over the world, Novartis, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


About SAP Business One
SAP announced the launch of SAP Business One to a new segment of the small and midsize business market in 2003. SAP Business One shortly reached 2200 customers after its launch and had been adding a significant number of 5000 customers every year. Already today 31 000 customers are using SAP Business One everywhere in the world and the demand is increasing. There are about 200 companies who implemented and use SAP Business One in their subsidiaries. Among these are Mitsubishi, Herlitz, L’Oreal, Alcatel, Nestle, Whirlpool, BAUER, Roullier, Hella, VELUX, SSAB, Philips, VEKA, Tetra Pak etc.

SAP Business One, produced by the leader in ERP solutions SAP AG, is an integrated business management application dedicated to small and mid-sized companies and divisions or subsidiaries of larger companies.


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