„I would definitely recommend this system to other companies of similar size to ours. The system is user-friendly, it provides greater control over transactions and reports are generated easily. SAP Business One is a very useful tool for daily operations”, says Ana Miu, Financial Manager of Hoval Romania. In regard to working with System Innovation Romania, she adds: „I am very pleased with System Innovation Romania’s professionalism and I would recommend them to other companies. Personally, I was impressed by the fact that the team also has accounting skills, besides technical skills, which I think is rarely found”.

 Hoval Romania has implemented, with the help of System Innovation Romania, the ERP system SAP Business One. This way, the company has managed to reach the same level as all the subsidiaries of the Hoval Group that were already using this system. They also managed to internalize accounting and to integrate it with the management area, as well as automate the commercial area, in just two months.

Hoval Romania is a subsidiary of Hoval Group from Liechtenstein, a group that designs and manufactures commercial heating and cooling systems and is recognized as an innovator in terms of ecological systems.

The implementation of SAP Business One began in June 2012 and as of September - after two months in which Hoval used the new system alongside the old one - the company uses SAP Business One exclusively, to manage all financial and commercial activities.

„We were contacted by the group’s IT Manager, who was looking for a partner to help them with the implementation and localization of SAP Business One in the Romanian and Croatian subsidiaries. The main challenge we faced was adapting the group’s needs to the Romanian legislation and requirements. By correctly defining expectations, and also with the help of SAP Business One’s flexibility and the client’s availability, the implementation was possible according to initial estimates”

Irina Oprea, General Manager System Innovation Romania

Before implementing SAP Business One, Hoval Romania used to receive accounting reports from the outsourcing firm. The management system was not integrated with accounting and it allowed the introduction of erroneus data and thus the generation of incorrect reports was a risk.

„We were only using an inventory management system and the rest of the accounting operations were outsourced. Our main goal was to adopt the same system as the other subsidiaries of the group, but also to gain full control over accounting operations. Now, all information is available in real time and reporting to the group is easier”

Ana Miu, Financial Manager of Hoval Romania

The standard Customer Relationship Management module – Sales Opportunities – was included in the implementation. It allows users to manage activities and information throughout the entire sales process, from the first contact with the client, until the final offer. All documents created during each stage of the sales cycle is linked to the opportunity, so they are easily available.


About Hoval Group

Hoval Group, from Vaduz, Liechtenstein, is present today in over 50 countries and owns production sites in several European countries. Recognized for its competence in boilers manufacturing, the group is present wherever there are high standards in the hot water and technological steam generation. It has sold over 500,000 boilers worldwide.

The main benefits of Hoval products consist of tested constructive solutions, high fuel utilization efficiency, low emissions, increased safety in use, low maintenance costs and long life.

Being aware of the importance of environmental protection, the group's goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and to develop alternative energy sources.

Hoval Romania values the research and development of new technologies, in which the focus is on developing solar energy systems. Also, through research and development, Hoval ensures that its products are among the most efficient in the industry, helping their clients streamline their operating costs.

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