According to Gartner, the rise of the IT market forecasted for 2013-2014 is partially based on a significant increase in sales of ERP systems on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The bulk of the increase of sales will take place in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Asia/Pacific market. Globally, Gartner predicts a 19.5% annual increase in the SaaS market at least for the next 4 years, taking the market from its 13.5 billion dollar value in 2011 to 32.8 billion dollars in 2016. The trend is also present on the local market. According to a July report from CIO Council Romania, 61% of the companies that took part in the study are currently using cloud services and the market growth rate is at 10%. 

SaaS ERPs are an important component of this market and more and more Romanian companies are turning to this solution. System Innovation Romania has recently finalized the first SAP Business One in cloud implementation in the local subsidiary of KISTENPFENNIG, a well-known German distributor of industrial equipment parts and components.

System Innovation customized the SAP Business One solution to fit KISTENPFENNIG’s needs. The company opted to only keep the logistics part of the system and outsource accounting to a local supplier. The implementation took one month, over 100,000 products were imported as item master data and the specific activities and workflows configured in the system. The service is paid on a monthly basis, and after the first year of the contract, Kistenpfennig can either raise or lower the number of users freely to fit the continually changing needs of the company. Everything is stored on an external data center, with the help of Versino, Czech Republic, a System Innovation partner certified in hosting the SAP Business One system. 

“Choosing SAP Business One on a SaaS model was the best solution because of both the reduced cost and the short amount of time needed for implementation. A traditional approach would have generated additional costs for IT infrastructure and would have added to the total time needed to get the system up and running by requiring us to buy and install the equipment.” 

Patrick Kistenpfennig, CEO KISTENPFENNIG AG

KISTENPFENNIG is only one of the thousands of companies that see the value of using the SaaS model for their ERP needs and, in the coming year, will choose to switch from the traditional model to cloud computing. System Innovation Romania is committed to helping its clients adopt the new model and is taking step to ensuring that the transition is a smooth one.

About System Innovation Romania

System Innovation Romania is the only official partner committed  to implementing , localizing and supporting SAP Business One forthe Romanian market.  System Innovation Romania developed localization packages that provide extended capabilities to SAP Business One, offering a simple way to fit SAP Business One according to legal and reporting requirements in Romania. The company is committed to adapt the software to match specific business needs and their add-ons such as Banking Integration, Bar Coding etc. have been intensively used by a wide range of customers. System Innovation Romania customers include names like FAIST Mekatronic, BAUER Spezialtiefbau, Novartis, and more.

About SAP Business One

SAP Business One, produced by the leader in ERP solutions SAP AG, is an integrated business management application dedicated to small and mid-sized companies and divisions or subsidiaries of larger companies. SAP Business One integrates  core business processes like sales, purchasing, banking and accounting, inventory and customer management, in one single and affordable application. The system was launched in 2003, counting more than 31000 companies currently using the system, gaining around 5000 new customers every year. There are about 200 companies that implemented and use SAP Business One in their subsidiaries. Among these are Mitsubishi, Herlitz, L’Oreal, Velux, Alcatel, Nestle, Whirlpool, BAUER, Roullier, Hella, VELUX, SSAB, Philips, VEKA, Tetra Pak.

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