1. What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a complete and integrated process management solution designed especially for SMEs. SAP Business One facilitates the optimization and automation of internal processes, giving managers analysis, administration and control tools at a competitive price.


2. What is the Romanian Localization Package? 

System Innovation Romania has developed the Romanian Localization Package to help its clients adapt SAP Business One to the Romanian statutory requirements.

For a detailed description of the add-on please click here.


3. How many SAP Business One implementations are in Romania?

Since 2008 we have had the privilege of working with over 20 companies in Romania, supporting over 150 users. Please visit the “Customers” section of our website for a more detailed description of each customer.


4. Will SAP Business One adapt to a growing company?

SAP Business One is a flexible ERP solution which enables it to meet the changing demands of a growing organization with minimum effort.

Read more about SAP Business One Roadmap for details about the solution today, planned innovations and future direction.


5. How long can an implementation take?

Implementation time depends on the size and the business processes of the company and it takes somewhere between one month and six months. The implementation process can also include some customization. In this case our developers and consultants will define new functionalities and integrate the application with other programs, so you get the most out of your SAP Business One system.


6. What are the stages of the implementation?

Analysis of business flows (business blueprint)
Preparing of TEST configuration
Validation of flows inside the system with the key users
Preparing the GOLD configuration
Training of users
Go-LivePost Go-Live Support


7. What is the implementation cost of SAP B1?

The implementation costs for SAP B1 consits of:

  • Prices for Licenses: can vary depending on the type and number of licenses; each license is assigned to one user in the system. Prices start from 900 EUR/user and can go up to 1800 EUR/user for a professional license.
  • Consulting and implementation costs;
  • Optionally, costs with development - if the client wants to create new functionalities or wants to modify the existing ones;
  • Maintenance – 17% of all licenses. This assures the client access to the latest functionalities available and system improvements;
  • Technical support, which varies in price depending on the number of users.


8. What are the platforms supported for SAP Business One installation?

For a detailed description of the system requirements please click here.


9. Support after Go-Live?

After each Go-Live we offer a support maintenance plan, in case of any questions/errors/issues.

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