SUCCESS-FACTORS-FOR-ERPA successful ERP implementation depends most of the decisions you make in  pre-purchasing phase. This is the moment when you can set the time for the return of investment and the way that the solution will help you to grow your business in the future.

Below we make 10 basic recommendations that can help you to ensure the success of a ERP selection:

1. Choose a solution which is by standard the closest to your business requirements. If you don’t need new features development you will have a lower cost and the stability of the system will not be affected.

 2. Make sure that you can adapt the system with the consultants according your needs and your business flows by:

a. Adding new fields or tables
b. Configuring the user interfaces in order to have the minimum required information
The best way is to do these customizations without altering the standard features by development.

3. Find a solution that includes a package of best practices confirmed in your industry, with experience in optimizing business processes. You will have the chance to adopt the newest technologies and theories and you will gain competitive advantages.

4. Evaluate a large set of ERP applications. It’s important that you have references and to build your expectations according the market. Some systems may not seem appropriate for you at the first look, but if you analyze you can find great features for you.

5. Prioritize the most important business requirements. You may not find the perfect solution, but you should solve the 20% of the requirements that generates the 80% of the benefits. You will find convenient work-around for the secondary issues.

6. Try to adopt as much as you can standardized business flows that comes with the ERP, even if you will need to adjust your internal procedures. You will soon improve your productivity.

7. Obviously the technology can provide new opportunities, try to evaluate how mobility, integration, on-line activities can help you to grow. Select an ERP that can provide such tools to win these opportunities: mobile access, office apps integration, on-line integration.

8. Before you select the ERP system you should “feel” it, see how it works. All ERPs are doing purchasing, sales, accounting or financials. The differentiators are in details.

9. Let the cost be the last selection criteria, not the first one. You might have the surprise that a system apparently more expensive has a lower total cost of ownership and may support your growth a longer period, with a faster return of investment.

10. Last, but not least, you should verify not only the solution, but also the provider. The know-how and the service package, and also his customer orientation will be essential for the success of the implementation and for the success in achieving the project objectives and benefits. The provider should be able to give you permanently the latest technology solutions and to raise the level of service supporting your business development.

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