The problem: The number of documents that get exchanged with Clients (Sales Orders, A/R Invoices, notifications) and Suppliers (Quotations, Purchase Orders, notifications) only gets bigger as your company grows. Moreover, as the process gets more complex, and without automation, more and more errors will start to occur (documents don't get to the right destination, document get lost, etc.).

Impact: You have to assign more and more people to resolve the issues, sending costs skyrocketing. The mistakes that do occur, not only raise costs, but also affect the relationships you have with your business partners.

Solution: SAP Business One's Mass Mailing Add-On helps you send batches of documents, filtered by the criteria you choose, to one or more partners, with just a few clicks. These are the steps you need to take: pick the documents you wish to send (filter by partner, date intervals, serial number interval), pick the body of your e-mail (you can predefine it, of course) and click SEND!!! All of your partners just got the documents they needed in their e-mail's inbox. The ball is in their court.

Benefits: The costs generated by the Mass Mail Add-on will be recuperated by the end of the first month of use through time saved with processing documents and elimination of errors. But the main benefits are the improvement of your relationship with your business partners and a big boost to productivity, because your employees now spend less time with routine tasks and more time generating business for you.

To view a complete presentation of the Mass Mailing Add-on, Click here!


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