, verb (used with object) - to put into effect according to or by means of a definite plan or procedure.

What does a business software implementation actually mean? Basically, it’s a succession of actions starting with a business flow analysis and ending with the use of the software solution within the company, adapted, according to the analysis, to the company’s needs.


The problem: The number of documents that get exchanged with Clients (Sales Orders, A/R Invoices, notifications) and Suppliers (Quotations, Purchase Orders, notifications) only gets bigger as your company grows. Moreover, as the process gets more complex, and without automation, more and more errors will start to occur (documents don't get to the right destination, document get lost, etc.).

Sales are a crucial component to the success of any company. The reason is simple: without sales, you don’t have a viable business. Despite this, in the absence of reliable sales practices, many companies still report a high number of missed sales opportunities. Below you will find 5 things to keep in mind when thinking about your sales strategy.

I was reading some articles about the pros and cons of customization of an ERP system. As a customer, when you buy an ERP system, you want it to „do everything” for you. However, ERP systems, although they have a great range of features and integrated modules, can not fit 100% of all business processes in a company. There is an increased demand nowadays of having ERP to suit an organization and its requirements, as companies want to concentrate on the productive work and bring all their departments to work as a single unit. As ERPs become vital, customization is the key element that brings tremendous growth by adapting the solution to all your needs with a great positive impact on your daily processes. However, the challenges faced are often represented by additional costs and extension of implementation period.

Most of the small and midsized companies have already given up traditional methods of banking transactions and chose online Internet banking methods, or local applications installed on users’ computers (eg: MultiCash from BRD). The popularity of Internet banking has increased significantly due to the improvment of security methods, reducing time spent and greater control over finances.

ruler200pxMyths and misnomers litter the business world. All small businesses are agile, all enterprises are big corporate entities, sales figures are the most important, customers will always buy the best product. As we all know, these don’t stand up to scrutiny. Some large businesses are agile, some small businesses aren’t, cash flow is more important than sales and the best product isn’t always the most popular. Business people can’t afford to make assumptions. That’s why we do our research and base decisions on facts.

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