We want to congratulate HOVAL BULGARIA for implementing SAP Business One! A top of the line company that now has a top of the line ERP system.

I am glad to announce that SAP business is now being used by 40.000 clients worldwide, the 40.000th being from India. 

This system has evolved a lot these past years, ever since SAP pledged to produce IT business systems for SMEs at the same level of quality as their other ERP systems. Now, SAP Business One, is used in 150 countries, with 41 localization packages and in 27 languages and is an ecosystem of partners that are continually developing new add-ons. In the latest versions, SAP has even included a tool in which partners can translate the system into their own languages. 

Kistenpfennig, a well-known German distributor of industrial equipment parts and components, is the first of many to implement SAP Business One in Cloud in Romania.

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We are glad to announce that our client, Baker Tilly Klitou Cyprus, has recently had the go-live of webtimesheets, that allows employees to add, edit, update and access their daily/weekly timesheets directly from a web browser, connected automatically into the SAP Business One application. Detailed reports on these timesheets are available in Crystal Reports, also in the webinterface.

We are happy to announce that we are now members of The Danish Romanian Business Association (DRBA), that was initiated by the Royal Danish Embassy and established in the spring of 2011.

You can visit The DRBA website here.

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