We support more than 300 SAP Business One users in Romania.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our customers for choosing SAP Business One and System Innovation Romania.




Biosystems Diagnostic is providing to Romanian laboratories reliable and high quality products and professional post-sales assistance. The main objectives of the team are: higher quality standards, reliable services, excellent technical assistance. Using area sales representatives, the quality of products and services can be the same for all customers, wherever they are located. SAP Business One is providing the infrastructure for accomplishing the goals and for improving the internal workflows, offering desktop and mobile support and integration of back-office and front-office processes.


logo ramira


RAMIRA operates in the automotive industry sector, being focused on the manufacturing of  welded structures, brackets, pins, conturblocks, complete fixtures of car body welding and assembly lines including 3D control. SAP Business One helped RAMIRA to improve the internal processes and to raise the control at operational and financial level.


logo winner


FLY POINT RO, the company that runs the WiNNER sport bet network in Romania chose SAP Business One and System Innovation Romania in order to update the economic infrastructure of the company. The project raised the control at operational level and improved the efficiency of the cash flow in over 140 branches of WiNNER. FLY POINT RO is monitoring all cash flow transactions in real time with SAP Business One, being able to grow the quality of decision making.




DONAUCHEM is a leading regional group of chemical distributors focused on Central Europe and belonging to Austria-based Donau Chemie Group. The group is present in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
Driven by the expertise of local professionals and experienced technical product managers, DONAUCHEM implemented SAP Business One in order to be able to successfully introduce new products and gain customers for the products in the portfolio.


logo NaanDanJain


NaanDanJain Irrigation Projects is the leading global producer and provider of tailor-made irrigation solutions. The company offers the widest range of cost-effective and customized technologies across more than 100 countries worldwide.

SAP Business One has helped the Romanian subsidiary both to build a good foundation for the growth of the company by optimizing operations and to align to the mother's company standards.


logo bartrom


Bartrom is one of the main suppliers of pneumatic equipments, providing complete technical solutions for industrial automation for the Romanian and Eastern European market. The complex sales policies, multiple sales channels and the large portfolio of products are efficiently administred using SAP Business One capabilities in a complex and integrated environment with other high technology tools: E-Shop, Mobile Apps, Busines Intelligence.




Dajar is a leading distributor of home ware and garden furniture, with subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary and Romania. Dajar Romania made the decision to implement SAP Business One to facilitate the integration of all the departments within a unified business system. By implementing the new system, they saw an improvement in relationships they had with their big retail customers through the use of personalized pricelists, customized article codes (for each client) and product catalog, all easily configured in SAP Business One.

Texaid Bulgaria  

logo texaid bulgaria


Texaid Bulgaria is one of the market leaders in second hand clothing in Bulgaria, 100% owned by TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AGSwitzerland (www.texaid.ch) which collects and recycles more than 50 000 tonnes (4 000 railway wagons of used textiles) each year.




KISTENPFENNIG is one of the main distributors of industrial products. By implementing SAP Business One in the Ploiesti (Romania) subsidiary, the company wanted to optimize its distribution by migrating their over 10,000 articles to the new system, giving them superior control and optimization options compared to previous systems. Thus, less than three months after the decision to implement was made, the company could enjoy the benefits of a system that is updated in real time, giving managers and staff all the information they need for efficient stock management.

Kistenpfennig optimized its stock management with SAP Business One – Success Story

Hydro BG



The company's goal is to be the best manufacturer of drainage systems. They rely on the experience accumulated in decades and a high competence in creating both standard solutions and special solutions specific to particular situations.

Novoparts SRL



Novoparts SRL is a Romanian company that offers personalized solutions for gaming halls, such as darts, poker, fussball tables, pool, TFT monitors etc.

Hoval - Romania



Hoval Romania is a subsidiary of Hoval, a company that builds heating systems including pumps, solar thermal systems, radiators, pressure vessels and a variety of ventilation and heating solutions. By implementing SAP Business One, Hoval Romania has managed to create a working standard, integrated and unified between accounting and logistics. Furthermore, with the implementation of the system in the Romanian company, Hoval has managed to harmonize its entire data and operations ecosystem at group level.

Hoval Romania harmonizes accounting and logistics with SAP Business One – Success Story 

Eazi Telecom Ltd. - Gibraltar



Eazi Telecom Ltd., a limited company registred in Gibraltar, was awarded one of the three national licenses, to operate and provide 2G/3G GSM services in Gibraltar. Eazi Telecom challenge is to implement the fastest growing mobile operator in Gibraltar, utilizing the latest and most sophisticated GSM technology.

Tech-Con Industry Romania, part of Tech-Con Group



Tech-ConGroup, a leading provider of industrial automation equipment, is present in Central and Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Serbia. Through SAP Business One, Tech-Con Industry Romania managed to integrate large volumes of data (10,000 items, 4,000 clients and 1,000 sales invoices per month) into a single system, which allowed them to better manage key areas such as logistics and accounting. A great benefit of the implementation was the control they gained regarding sales with zero or negative profit margins (enabling them to eliminate such situations), sales to customers with outstanding invoices and other areas of interest.

Tech-Con Industry Romania won control of sales through SAP Business One - Success Story

Fluorocarbon Polymers SRL and FBS Prestige SRL - Fluorocarbon UK subsidiaries



Fluorocarbon Polymers SRL and FBS Prestige SRL are subsidiaries of Fluorocarbon UK, the largest fluoropolymer processor in the UK and global importer of PTFE, components containing polymer and semi-processed materials, for market leaders worldwide. With the implementation of SAP Business One the problem of collecting data in different systems in each subsidiary has been eliminated, thus successfully harmonizing inventory management, accounting and reporting across the group. Moreover, implementing SAP Business One led to integrating reporting between group standards, the needs the Romanian management team and local legal requirements.

Fluorocarbon and FBS Prestige consolidated stock management, accounting and reporting with the help of SAP Business One – Success Story

AFI Palace Cotroceni - Romania



AFI Palace Cotroceni is a subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments Ltd, a real estate company with operations in Central and South-Eastern Europe, with the objective of developing large scale commercial and residential projects. With SAP Business One, AFI Palace Cotroceni improved its connectivity and integration with the rest of the group. Moreover, by eliminating the need to input data into multiple applications, they significantly reduced the time needed for such tasks and simplified their reporting and business analysis by improving transparency and data availability.

AFI Palace Cotroceni improved their activity and reporting with SAP Business One – Success Story

Faist Mekatronic, Romania



Faist Mekatronic SRL is part of Faist Group and operates in the sector of light manufacturing. R&D, NPI and mass production of high quality aluminium die casting, precision machining, surface plating components and assemblies for telecom, automotive, railway and general industrial applications.

Owens Corning Building Materials - Romania



A subsidiary of Owens Corning USA, Owens Corning Building Materials Romania supplies roofs, insulation and products for the acoustic protection of homes, commercial and industrial buildings. With the SAP Business One Banking Integration Add-On, Owens reduced its costs and improved its relationship with its bank by automating bank statement imports, banking software payments and accelerating reconciliations, thus optimizing the whole process and substantially reducing human error in data input.

Owens optimized banking processes with the Banking Integration Add-On – Success Story

Velux - Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, Canada



VELUX supplies a complete range of Roof Windows, Blinds and Sun Tunnelsand complementary products and accessories for any solution from installation right to the finishing touches.

SSAB - China, Singapore



SSAB is a leading producer of high strength steel. The company has a 6 million tonne capacity for crude steel. The company’s sale of niche products – the high strength steels – amounts to approximately 37% of the total sales. 

Baker Tilly Klitou - Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus



Baker Tilly Klitou is one of the top Audit, Accounting, Fiscal and Business Consultancy companies, with a portfolio of over 3000 domestic and international clients. With great expertise in the consulting business, Baker Tilly Klitou continually seeks to improve its business processes initiating new automation projects wherever these are possible, thus generating superior results in areas such as communication and inter-company integration, customer relationship management, marketing and others.

EService & Components SRL, filiala a EUROCOIN Ltd.



Eurocoin is one of Europe's leading suppliers of world class technical components for the gaming, leisure, automated kiosk, commercial and retail sectors. Eurocoin now has offices in 6 European countries with a sales, service and support team of more than 80 people across Europe. 

BAUER – Romania, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia



BAUER Groupis an international construction and machinery manufacturing concern executing complex excavation pits, foundations and vertical seals, as well as development and manufacture of related machinery for this dynamic market.

Gilbarco AcisSRL- Romania



Gilbarco Acis S.R.L.is part of ACIS Benzinkuttechnika Kft, a consortium of companies in Central and Eastern Europe which participate together on the market of constructions and maintenance for fuel stations.

ShingHeung Electronics -Romania



For past 30 years, ShinHeung constantly put all its effort on management innovation, technology development and training human resources.




The social object of Fraven S.R.L.is the same as ILTOM Spa's – the headquarter company from Italy. ILTOM Spa was born in 1970 as an artisan factory specialized in sheet and steel working.




Novartis International AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland, ranking number two in sales among the world-wide industry in 2010.

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