This is a story of passion, vision, devotion and innovation

"It all started back in 1990 with a passion for computers and the huge part they could play in running a business by making the impossible possible.  Like all big companies, AXEL SOFT ( was founded with the vision of giving businesses a tool that would improve their processes and help people do their job faster and better.  AXEL developed software applications that have been widely spread across the country with a portfolio of 500 clients.

I was involved in the IT industry and the business world from a young age as part of our family business, following a similar path at university. As globalization spread we soon realized that our custom-made programs would be overtaken by well known and integrated business management solutions. Therefore we turned our attention to SAP Business One, a product that we felt would be appropriate for the Romanian market.

While I was in the US I got involved in a SAP implementation for the first time.  It was amazing how much I could learn about real life problems and how amazing I felt when hearing a sincere thank you from my customers at the other end of the line after solving their queries.

From that point onwards I knew this would be a great opportunity to grow our business and to bring  something new and different to the market.  Our first SAP implementation with AXEL was a combination of fear and excitement, but we felt very proud of our achievement.

We were very fortunate to meet a well established SAP Partner with plans to invest in Business One in Romania that shared our goals. In 2008 we signed the papers and got ready for the challenge - becoming a company which is part of System Innovation A/S Denmark. We transferred all SAP projects from AXEL and started building our customer portfolio and our reputation.

It is absolutely amazing and unbelievable the diversity of projects and customers we have and how each implementation presents a unique learning curve. We are a great team and our continuous growth will bring more customers, more colleagues, more products, more ideas.

It may seem overwhelming how we managed to do so many things in such a short time, but with our experience dating back to the 90’s and with the hardworking teams we managed to put together over the years, we know that what we are today is merely a glimpse of what we can become.

Irina Oprea

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